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Build AI powered apps and automations.
Without code.

Clevis enables users to create AI-powered applications without the need for writing code. With a wide range of pre-built processing steps, users can build, run and sell apps with features such as text generation, image generation and web scraping.

Created by Oskar & Karl

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Use our AI-assistant to create your app based on a short description


What can you build?

Here are some examples of apps that users have built with Clevis.

Recipe Creator

Do you suffer from a lack of inspiration in the kitchen? Let the AI generate some tasty recipes based on your dietary preferences!

Character Creator

Need character ideas for your next novel? The Character Creator app will generate a character for you with a portrait and a backstory.

Clothing Recommender

Recommends the user what clothing to wear based on the current weather at the users location.

Wordpress Blog Post Generator

Generates blog posts for a given subject together with a header image and uploads them to your Wordpress blog.

Product Recommendations

Increase conversions by providing personalized product recommendations to your website visitors.


What can you expect?

Clevis comes with a range of features that enables you to launch your AI powered app in minutes


Build your app by combining steps such as text generation, image generation and API requests


Get started with building apps quickly by using one of our app templates


Let anyone run your app by sharing a publicly accessible link


Sell access to your app with usage based pricing


Trigger your app through a simple HTTP call with your own API key


Run your app on a recurring schedule to automate tasks


Customize the colors in your app to fit your brand


Embed your app on an existing website


Upload your own data to be used by AI processing steps such as ChatGPT.


Coming soon

Publish your app on a custom domain


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per month

20 000 credits / mo

One team member

Slack community

Customized branding

API access



per month

50 000 credits / mo

Five team members

Prioritized support

Customized branding

API access



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