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Scheduled LLM Workflows

Using tools like ChatGPT to generate code, edit blog posts, write emails or come up with ideas during the last few months has helped me multiply my productivity.

This led to me creating a tool for scheduling my recurring tasks where I use these LLMs to create content, sort through data and automate support for my SaaS products.

The tool I built enables you to set up workflows consisting of prompting LLMs with custom prompts where you can fetch data from and send data to APIs. Here is how such a workflow can look:

This workflow fetches the daily news from an API and sends them to ChatGPT which finds any news related to startups, summarizes them in a single paragraph and sends the summary to me in an email through the SendGrid API.

I set it up to trigger every day to get me the latest startup news for my startup newsletter:

Here are some other examples of workflows that me and my friends have created using the tool:

  • Customer Feedback Analysis By pulling all feedback gathered from a form on our website, we can let ChatGPT categorize and summarize the feedback and present it to the product team as a short report.

  • Intelligent Web Scraping By feeding website content into an LLM, we can let the LLM structure the content into JSON format and store it in a database.

  • Twitter Bot Pulls relevant data from a database based on the given day and generates a tweet with ChatGPT about the data.

  • Dungeons and Dragons Character Creator Creates a Dungeons and Dragons character complete with a portrait generated with DALL-E and a backstory generated with ChatGPT.

After realizing the potential of this tool, I decided to launch it as a product. Check it out here.