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Use Case

AI-generated investment and retirement plans

AI-based generative models like LLMs can revolutionize investment planning. For instance, a model like ChatGPT can be tailored to create personalized investment advice. Based on inputs regarding investor's financial status, risk tolerance, and retirement goals, the model can generate comprehensive investment strategies targeting optimal asset allocation and potential returns. Similar advanced AI models could create personalized retirement plans mapping out investment directions to achieve retirement savings goals.

On the other hand, image generators can be utilized to create financial charts and visual representation of data. Among other applications, this can help investors visualize the potential outcome of their investment plans, aiding in decision-making. For instance, the model can generate charts displaying investment growth over time or pie-charts illustrating suggested asset allocation per investor's profiles. These AI-generated visuals can explain financial concepts more clearly and aid in building financial literacy for various investment and retirement planning scenarios.

How to build with Clevis

Text Input

Ask the user for their age

Text Input

Ask the user for their current savings

Prompt ChatGPT

Prompt ChatGPT to ask about the user's financial goals

HTTP Request

Fetch investment options and their historical performance

Display Output

Display the AI-generated investment and retirement plan for the user

This is an overview of an exemplary application that was developed using the tool Clevis. The application, named 'AI-generated Investment and Retirement Plans', uses Artificial Intelligence to provide personalized fiscal information to its users. It's an excellent instance of the type of applications that can be built using Clevis within the finance realm.

The application follows a series of well-structured steps. Initially, it seeks two key inputs from the user: age and current savings. These are essential variables that the program requires to give the most accurate financial advice to the user.

Once the user provides these details, OpenAI's GPT-3, known as ChatGPT, interactively asks the user about his or her financial goals. This helps in fine-tuning the kind of investment and retirement plans that are suitable for this user.

In the next step, the application fetches potential investment opportunities and their previous performance data. This is achieved through an HTTP Request step which efficiently retrieves this information from a database or API.

Finally, an AI-generated investment and retirement plan customized to the user's needs, based on all the collected data, is displayed. This makes the financial planning process more accessible and personalized.

So, this application showcases AI's potential in tailor-making financial solutions using Clevis.

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