AI-generated personalized book reviews

TEXT_INPUT:User inputs the book title;;HTTP_REQUEST:Make a request to a book review API using the book title as input;;CHATGPT:Prompt ChatGPT to generate a personalized book review based on the book title and the API response;;DISPLAY_OUTPUT:Display the generated book review to the user

AI models like LLMs are capable of writing personalized book reviews. For instance, after feeding the AI data containing the reader's preferences, likes, and dislikes, the model generates a unique review tailored to the reader's perspective. It could convey the reader's specific feelings, the connection they felt with the characters, or how the narrative resonated with them. Another example could be using GPT-3 to summarize a book, then generate a review incorporating the reader's favorite elements.

Image generators can extract visual elements of a book and create a personalized depiction. When combined with an LLM, it can write a review based on the visualized story, giving a dual perspective. For example, print and art features can be extracted from a graphic novel, creating a visual summary that can be used in combination with textual data and reader's opinion to generate a unique pictorial-and-text review.

How to build with Clevis

This is an example of an application you can build using Clevis, a powerful AI tool. Known as 'AI-generated personalized book reviews,' this application utilizes OpenAI's ChatGPT model to formulate custom book reviews based on user input.

It operates in a series of clear steps. First, a Text Input step allows the user to input a book title. The app then implements an 'Http Request,' using the previously entered book title as input to request information from a book review API. The data retrieved from the API, which is relevant to the book in question, is then used in the ChatGPT step where ChatGPT is prompted to generate a personalized book review. Finally, in the Display Output step, this AI-generated custom book review is displayed to the user.

The application provides an insightful way to automate the generation of book reviews using artificial intelligence. More similar applications can be built within the area using the versatile Clevis tool, leveraging the power of AI, APIs, and user inputs.