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Use Case

Automated financial reporting and analysis

Generative AI models like Language Model (LM) and image generators can significantly enhance the process of automated financial reporting and analysis. For instance, models like ChatGPT could craft coherent and sophisticated financial reports after analyzing raw data, thus reducing human error and saving time. Its contextual understanding can highlight essential information, trends, and anomalies in a highly readable manner.

An image generator model can transform numerical data into visual summaries. This model, leveraged alongside an LM, could automate comprehensive financial dashboard creation, presenting key insights via graphs, charts, or heat maps. It can also contribute to a more visual presentation of complex financial trends. In portfolio analysis, these model's predictive capabilities could help forecast future trends, aiding decision making. With AI technologies, financial reports and analysis could be delivered accurately and swiftly.

How to build with Clevis

Text Input

Prompt the user to enter the financial data or upload a file containing the data.

HTTP Request

Fetch financial data from an external API or database based on the user input or uploaded file. This step could include authentication and data validation as well.

Prompt ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT to analyze and interpret the financial data, providing insights and generating reports automatically.

Display Output

Format and display the analyzed financial data, reports, and insights generated by ChatGPT in a user-friendly manner, such as charts, tables, and summary statistics.

Display Output

Provide options for exporting the generated reports and insights in various formats (PDF, Excel, etc.) for further analysis and sharing.

A fine exemplification of applications that can be made using 'Clevis' is this 'Automated Financial Reporting and Analysis' application. It smartly streamlines and enhances the process of financial reporting and analysis.To start, it prompts users to either input financial data manually or upload a file containing the data. Consequently, it leverages an Http Request to fetch the corresponding financial data from an external API or database, ensuring proper authentication and data validation.

The core of this application lies in the step called ChatGPT, where the widely trusted and sophisticated language model developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT, is employed. The financial data is analyzed, and insights are generated by ChatGPT, thereby making the task of reporting noticeably automated, rapid, and accurate.

Post analysis, the data, reports and insights are formatted and presented to the user. This can be in various intuitive forms like charts, tables, and summary statistics ensuring that it is user-friendly. Furthermore, this application provides multiple export options for the generated reports and insights in various formats (PDF, Excel, etc.), offering flexibility for further analysis and distribution. Building similar applications within the financial analysis domain can be effortlessly performed using Clevis.

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