Automated market research and trend analysis

TEXT_INPUT:Ask user for market research query;;CHATGPT:Prompt ChatGPT to provide insights on the market research query;;HTTP_REQUEST:Fetch latest market trends data from an API;;DISPLAY_OUTPUT:Display the market trends data in a user-friendly format;;DISPLAY_OUTPUT:Display the insights from ChatGPT in a user-friendly format

Generative AI models can revolutionize automated market research and trend analysis. Large language models (LLMs) like GPT-3 can analyze vast amounts of text data from online forums, social media, and customer reviews, predicting consumer sentiments and trends. Alignment with real-time market trends becomes effortless, empowering businesses with data-driven decision making.

Take, for instance, a fashion brand. An image generator can analyze popular styles and patterns on social media, creating new designs that are predicted to be in trend, transforming idea generation and implementation process. LLMs can then analyze consumer reception and adjust future output accordingly.

AI models can also track and predict stock market trends by analyzing past performance, news, and social sentiment. They can identify patterns that might be missed by human analysts, making precise forecasts facilitating strategic investment decisions.

How to build with Clevis

This application, built using Clevis, is an example of a Market Research App designed for automated market research and trend analysis. Clevis offers you the capability to build similar applications with ease.

The application works in a series of steps. It begins by prompting the user for a market research query in the Text Input step. This is followed by the ChatGPT step where it utilizes the capabilities of OpenAI's language model, ChatGPT, to provide insights based on the user's query.

The next step involves an Http Request to fetch the latest market trends data from an API, connecting the application to real-time information about the market.

The application then moves to its first Display Output step. In this, it presents the market trends data it fetched from the API in a format that is accessible and easy for the user to understand. Further, in another Display Output step, it displays the insights provided by ChatGPT based on the user's initial market research query.

Overall, the application offers an efficient, AI-driven solution for market research, leveraging the capabilities of tools such as Clevis and ChatGPT.