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Use Case

Automated political analysis and commentary

Generative AI models, such as Language Learning Models (LLMs) like GPT-3 and image generators, can revolutionize political analysis. Through mining text and speech from politicians, AI could generate insightful interpretations of policy positions. For instance, categorizing politicians based on policy positioning, or identifying shifts in stance over time. Predictive tracking is another possibility where the LLMs could predict next talking points based on past speeches and interviews.

Furthermore, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) can process thousands of political images, such as campaign materials, decipher and analyze visual rhetoric, or even predict the success of a particular visual campaign. GANs could also analyze televised debates, identifying and cataloging non-verbal cues to reveal hidden dimensions of political performance. These AI models would provide unbiased, data-driven insights to innovate political analysis and commentary.

How to build with Clevis

Text Input

Prompt the user to enter the topic or issue they want to analyze.

HTTP Request

Fetch data from news API related to the entered topic.

Prompt ChatGPT

Prompt ChatGPT with a generated summary of the news to provide insightful commentary on the topic.

Text Input

Prompt the user to ask a specific question about the topic.

Prompt ChatGPT

Prompt ChatGPT with the user's question to provide a detailed analysis and insightful answer.

This example application, capable of being built via Clevis, showcases an 'Automated Political Analysis and Commentary' system. Written with an underlying medium technical understanding, the app operation can be viewed as a sequence of steps, starting with a 'Text Input' - where the user is encouraged to input the topic or issue they want politically analyzed.

The action transitions into an 'HTTP Request'. Here, the application fetches relevant data from a news API, based on the topic entered by the user. This can be a remarkable way to ensure the commentary generated is up to date and contextually accurate.

The next step involves ChatGPT, an AI model developed by OpenAI. This component is prompted with a summary of the news data gathered, transforming it into an insightful political commentary on the user-inputted topic.

Moving forward, another 'Text Input' prompts the user to ask a question specific to the topic of interest, which then engages the ChatGPT once more. This interaction drives the AI model to deliver an in-depth analysis and provide a comprehensive answer to the user's query.

In essence, with Clevis, one can build similar application setups leveraging the powerful ChatGPT, required data matches, and programmed steps to deliver a variety of AI applications.

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