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Use Case

Automated travel booking and reservations

Generative AI models like Language Model (LLMs), for instance, ChatGPT from OpenAI, can streamline travel booking and reservations significantly. Using natural language processing (NLP), these LLMs can power chatbots acting as 24/7 customer service personnel on travel booking websites and services. Chatbots can understand queries, provide suitable choices for flights, hotels, or vacation packages, and take users through the booking process.

Moreover, image generators can imply visual transitions to render future images of reserved services. For example, AI can predict and exhibit your reserved seat's view in a flight or hotel room's actual view. You can have a virtual tour of your accommodation or chosen tourist attraction, giving users a more immersive decision-making experience. These use cases demonstrate how generative AI can make travel reservations more customer-friendly and efficient.

How to build with Clevis

Text Input

Ask for the destination

HTTP Request

Fetch available flights and hotels for the destination

Prompt ChatGPT

Ask the user for their travel dates and preferences

HTTP Request

Fetch the prices and details for the selected flights and hotels

Display Output

Display the available options and prices to the user

This is an example of an app that you can build using Clevis - an AI tool for designing and creating automated applications. The example app is called 'Automated Travel Booking'. This app is designed to facilitate automated travel bookings and reservations for users.

The application executes in a series of steps. Firstly, it initiates by requesting the user to provide their travel destination (Text Input). The app then sends a HTTP request to fetch a list of available flights and hotels for the specified destination (Http Request). Using ChatGPT, a language prediction model developed by OpenAI, the app then interacts with the user, asking for their travel dates and other related preferences in a conversational manner (ChatGPT).

A second HTTP request is triggered post the user's response, fetching specific prices and details for selected flights and hotels based on the user's preferences (Http Request). Finally, the app displays all the compiled data - available options and their applicable prices, to the user (Display Output).

By embarking on the same principles, you are able to build any other app within the same field using Clevis, custom-adjusting the steps as per the application requirement.

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