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Email Capture Form Builder

Build, design and publish email capture forms with API integrations and AI processing. Clevis is a flexible form builder that can be used to capture emails and send them to any marketing tool.

What can you expect?


Combine the form elements you want and watch your email capture form come to life.

Custom Design

Customize the look and feel of your form. Choose colors, fonts, and copy that represent your brand.

Email Marketing Integration

Connect your email capture forms with your favorite email marketing platform.


Tailor responses and actions based on the submitted form data. Whether it's a thank-you email, a special offer, or tailored advice, you decide what happens next.

API Connection

Connect your email capture forms with your favorite apps and tools effortlessly. With API Integration, you decide how your data flows, ensuring a custom experience that fits your unique needs.


What can you build?


Connect Mailchimp to your form with our prebuilt template. Every form submission becomes a new contact in your Mailchimp audience, ready to receive targeted campaigns and stay engaged with your content.


Connect Mailerlite to your email capture form using our prebuilt template. Every form submission becomes a valuable addition to your MailerLite audience, ready to receive your thoughtfully crafted newsletters.


Building your Moosend subscriber base with a Clevis form is simple. Design a captivating email capture form with our Moosend email capture form template that resonates with your brand. Connect the form with your Moosend account; each submission becomes a new contact ready to be engaged.



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