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Use Case

Financial investment and portfolio analysis

1. Financial Forecasting: Generative AI models like LLM can be used to predict financial trends. By processing and learning from historical market data, the AI can generate predictions about future market changes, aiding investment decisions.

2. Risk Analysis: The AI can generate risk profiles for different investment portfolios, based on existing risk patterns. This assists investors in understanding the potential risks associated with their portfolios and helps in managing their investments better.

3. Portfolio Recommendations: Generative AI can create personalized portfolio recommendations. They can take into account various factors like the investor's risk tolerance, investment goals, and market conditions, and generate tailored investment strategies.

4. Conversational AI: Models like ChatGPT can be used to build AI financial advisors that can provide real-time, personalized investment advice, helping investors make informed decisions.

How to build with Clevis

Text Input

Enter the list of investments

Prompt ChatGPT

Prompt ChatGPT to generate investment recommendations based on the entered list

HTTP Request

Fetch current stock prices for the recommended investments

Display Output

Display the recommended investments and their current prices

Display Output

Visualize the performance of the portfolio over time

This is an example of an app you can build using Clevis, a tool specifically designed for creating AI applications. The app is aptly named 'Financial Portfolio Analysis.' It is used for analyzing and managing financial investment portfolios.

Firstly, the user is prompted to input a list of investments via a text input. Based on this entered list, the application uses ChatGPT, a model by OpenAI, to generate investment recommendations. The next step is an HTTP request that fetches the current stock prices for the recommended investments. Therefore, you can not only learn about potential investments but also their present market value.

Lastly, the application displays two output types. The initial output showcases the recommended investments and their current prices. The second output focuses on visualizing the performance of the portfolio over time. Utilizing this information, users can efficiently manage their financial portfolios by making informed decisions.

Remember, this is just one example. With Clevis, you have the freedom to build many more applications in the same area, enabling innovation and efficiency in financial management.

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