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Form Builder

Build and design beautiful forms that convert with advanced integrations and AI processing. Clevis is an AI powered platform where you can create beautiful forms with flexible flow processing and customization.


What can you expect?

No code form builder

Easily craft forms tailored to your specific needs, whether for lead generation, surveys, or event registrations. The builder offers a range of form fields, allowing users to collect diverse types of information seamlessly.

Send emails

Send customized emails based on the data submitted in the form. Customize your emails design, use AI generated content and send it anywhere.

Connect to API

Connect your forms to external applications and services. Whether you're sending customer data to your CRM or automating workflows with third-party tools, API connections allows flexible exchange of information.

File upload

Allow users to upload a range of files types through your forms.


Enable our payment integration to require a payment to submit your form. Perfect for paid events or selling digital content.

Custom design

Creating beautiful and on-brand forms for diverse purposes by customizing colors, fonts and texts.

AI processing

Intelligently process and analyze the submitted data with tools like ChatGPT, unlocking valuable insights. Whether it's extracting information, categorizing responses, or automating data-driven tasks, AI processing enables advanced use cases.

Mobile friendly and responsive

All forms created with Clevis are mobile friendly and adapt to whatever device your customer is using.

Conditional logic

Coming soon

Adapt your form based on user responses. Whether tailoring a survey to specific preferences or creating interactive quizzes, conditional logic brings a new layer of flexibility to your forms.


What can you build?

Lead Forms

Creators can design and deploy beautiful lead forms that convert. Capture leads in your favorite CRM with our API integration, send automated responses with the send email feature or process the lead data with AI.

Newsletter Forms

Design and implement newsletter sign-up forms that resonate with your audience. Works for any newsletter and email marketing platform out of the box.

File Download Forms

Incentivize your customers to enter their information by offering a file download after submitting your form.



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