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Use Case

Interior design and home decoration ideas

Generative AI models can provide innovative solutions for interior design and home decoration challenges. Language Learning Models (LLMs) like GPT-3 could be used to interpret textual design requirements or ideas, providing visually appealing and functional layout suggestions based on current design trends or classic aesthetics. Users could input their preferences, like 'modern Scandinavian kitchen', and the model would generate extensive details including furniture arrangements, color schemes, and architectural elements.

Image generators also hold great potential. These models could present visual simulations of design suggestions, aiding homeowners to picture their spaces more clearly. For instance, a user could input a current photo of their living room and state a desired style, say 'Bohemian'. The image generator would then transform the image to reflect the bohemian style, incorporating suitable elements like patterns, colors, furniture designs, and accessories. Such AI-driven approaches facilitate design processes, making home decoration an engaging and personalized experience.

How to build with Clevis

Text Input

User inputs their preferences and requirements

Prompt ChatGPT

Prompt ChatGPT to generate design suggestions based on user inputs from previous step

Display Output

Display the design suggestions in a user-friendly format

Text Input

User selects a design suggestion and inputs the budget

HTTP Request

Fetch products and prices from online stores based on the selected design and budget

Display Output

Display the recommended products and prices in a user-friendly format

This is an example of an application you can build using Clevis, an AI application builder. The application, named 'Interior Design Ideas', is designed to provide users with tailored interior design and home decoration suggestions.

The application follows a series of steps. In step one, a user is prompted to input design preferences and requirements. Then, the application leverages ChatGPT, a compelling, creative language model developed by OpenAI, to formulate design suggestions based on the information provided by the user. These design ideas are then displayed in a friendly, understandable format.

The user can then select a preferred design idea and specify a budget. Using an HTTP request, the application fetches products and prices that align with this chosen design and budget from various online stores.

The final step of the application presents the user with these recommended products and their prices in an easy-to-track manner. Remember, this is just one example of the type of apps one could make with Clevis. The platform allows for versatile applications within the same area or beyond.

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