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Lead Form Builder

Build, design and publish lead forms that convert with API integrations and AI processing. Clevis is an AI powered form builder where you can create converting lead forms with custom design and advanced data processing.

What can you expect?


Build and configure your forms in Clevis interactive lead form builder. Compose your form fields and processing steps in minutes.

Store leads in any CRM

Store and manage lead data directly in your preferred Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. With compatibility across a wide range of CRM platforms, you can streamline your lead management process and maintain a centralized repository of valuable customer information.

AI processing

Intelligently process your form data with artificial intelligence, extracting valuable insights and automating complex tasks. With our user-friendly interface, you have the power to configure AI tools like ChatGPT to process your forms, making data analysis smarter and more efficient than ever.

API Integration

Configure and manage API connections, enabling enrichment, automations and storage of your form data using any API.

Custom Design

Whether you're building lead generation forms or customer surveys, our editor allows you to design forms that align with your unique style. Choose your color palette, select fonts that resonate, and refine the layout to match your brand's essence.

File Downloads

Incentivize your leads to submit your form by offering a free file download upon submission. Whether it's informative whitepapers, insightful guides, or other premium materials, users are enticed to submit the form to unlock valuable digital assets.


What can you build?

For Instagram

Turn your Instagram presence into relevant leads with Clevis Instagram lead form template. Tailored for Instagram, our pre made templates allows you to create captivating forms that you can share on the Instagram platform. Whether shared in posts, stories, or linked in your bio, these forms serve as a direct gateway for interested users to provide their information. The 'Send Email' and 'API Integration' features ensure prompt follow-ups and integration with your preferred CRM, ensuring an efficient lead generation process.

For Linkedin

Optimize your LinkedIn sales strategy with Clevis LinkedIn lead form template. Crafted for you to capture leads directly from the LinkedIn platform, our form builder offers a simple solution for driving engagement and building connections. These forms, strategically placed on your LinkedIn profile or sponsored content, serve as a direct channel for interested professionals to share their details.

For WordPress

Created to seamlessly integrate lead forms into your WordPress site, Clevis form builder enables you to capture valuable information directly from your website visitors. These lead forms can easily be placed across your site, ensuring optimal visibility for your audience.

For Real Estate

Capture and manage leads in the real estate landscape with Clevis. Whether integrated into property listings, landing pages, or social media, these forms not only capture information. They also leverage AI to derive valuable insights about the client, send the data to any CRM platform and enable sending personalized welcome emails.



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