Resume and job application writing help

TEXT_INPUT:User provides their personal information;;CHATGPT:Prompt ChatGPT to provide resume writing tips and guidelines based on the user's personal information;;HTTP_REQUEST:Fetch job requirements and recommended skills from an online job listing;;CHATGPT:Prompt ChatGPT to provide personalized suggestions for tailoring the resume to the specific job requirements;;DISPLAY_OUTPUT:Display the generated resume template with personalized information and suggestions

Generative AI models such as Language Model from OpenAI (GPT-3) or image generators can be highly beneficial for resume and job application writing. These models can draft entire resumes from scratch, including sections such as skills, achievements, and work experiences, tailored to specific job descriptions. For instance, you can ask GPT-3 to write a resume for a data scientist role and the model will create a customized resume emphasizing relevant skills like data analysis, machine learning, and AI.

Additionally, these models can enhance resumes visually. Image generators can auto-generate icons or logos to illustrate skills or experiences, making the resume more compelling and visually attractive. For job applications, AI can generate persuasive cover letters targeted to specific roles or companies, increasing the likelihood of securing an interview.

How to build with Clevis

This is an example application that illustrates what you can achieve with Clevis - a powerful tool for building AI-related projects. This particular application is called 'Resume and Job Application Helper', specifically designed to assist users in composing resumes and job applications.

At the beginning, the application gathers personal data from the user through a text input (Text Input step). This information is passed to ChatGPT in the next step, a language processing AI developed by OpenAI, which provides tailored resume-writing tips and guidelines reflecting the user's professional background (ChatGPT step).

Then, the application sends an HTTP request to fetch job requirements and suggested skills from an online job listing (Http Request step). This data is then processed by ChatGPT again for personalized suggestions to adapt the user's resume according to specific job requirements (ChatGPT step).

Finally, a custom-fitted resume template, populated with the personalized data and suggestions, is displayed to the user (Display Output step).

This application is merely an example, and you could create similar or entirely different applications within this field using Clevis as per your needs.