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Shopify AI Blogger

Clevis is a platform that can simplify and automate the blogging process on your Shopify e-commerce site. With Clevis, you can automatically generate blog posts and schedule them for publication, freeing up your time for more important tasks.

Effortless Content Creation

Clevis takes the hassle out of content creation. It crafts relevant blog posts tailored to your e-commerce niche, using your existing product catalog as inspiration. This not only saves you valuable time but also ensures your blog content remains closely aligned with your product offerings.

Consistent Posting

Keep your blog active and your audience engaged with Clevis's recurring posting feature. Schedule posts to go live at regular intervals without manual intervention.

SEO Optimization

Clevis understands the importance of SEO for e-commerce success. It ensures that your blog posts are search engine-friendly, helping you improve your site's visibility.

Content Quality

Rest assured that Clevis maintains a high standard of content quality. Say goodbye to inconsistent writing quality or missed deadlines.

Focus on Growth

Let Clevis handle the routine blogging tasks so you can concentrate on growing your e-commerce business.

How to build with Clevis

HTTP Request

Clevis fetches product data from your Shopify site

Text Input

A text input is used to capture the subject for the blog post

Prompt ChatGPT

ChatGPT is used to generate the blog content with a prompt that makes sure to match the preferred writing style on your Shopify site

Generate Image (DALL-E)

Dall-E can generate relevant feature images for your blog post

HTTP Request

Clevis publishes the blog post through the Shopify API

This Clevis app fetches product data from your Shopify site and uses it to generate a blog post and feature image that is relevant based on your site. When the post has been generated, it is published through the Shopify API.

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