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Use Case

Virtual career counseling and guidance

Generative AI models, like language models (LLM) such as GPT-3 by OpenAI, have the potential to revolutionize virtual career counseling and guidance. For example, LLMs can be trained on massive corpus of career-related data to dispense practical advice, provide detailed insights about various career paths, and answer individual career-related questions with a high degree of precision.

Moreover, generative image models could be used to create realistic visualizations of different work environments or career trajectories in a highly specific and personalized manner. This can aid individuals in gaining a better understanding of their prospective workplaces.

Further, these AI models could also offer tailored educational content based on the learner's career aspirations, analyzing their skills and interests to suggest optimal career paths and the related training or education needed leveraging their potential to generate creative, personalized guidance and content.

How to build with Clevis

Text Input

Ask user for their name and contact information

Prompt ChatGPT

Engage in a conversation with the user to understand their career goals, interests, and qualifications

HTTP Request

Fetch a list of available job opportunities based on the user's preferences and qualifications

Display Output

Display the job opportunities to the user with relevant details like job title, company, and location

Prompt ChatGPT

Provide personalized career advice and recommendations based on the user's inputs and the available job opportunities

This is an example of an application you can build using a developer tool known as Clevis. The application is a 'Virtual Career Counseling App' which provides virtual career guidance to its users. It simplifies the often daunting task of seeking career advice and finding suitable job opportunities.

The application starts by asking the user for their name and contact information. Subsequently, the app engages the user in a conversation, aiming to understand their career goals, interests, and qualifications using the OpenAI technology, ChatGPT. This conversational AI helps in yielding more personalized and accurate results.

The next step involves an HTTP request to fetch a comprehensive list of job opportunities pertinent to the user's preferences and qualifications. Once the HTTP request fetches the data, it displays the job opportunities to the user, providing crucial details like job title, company, and job location.

Finally, the application re-engages the user in a conversation using the AI, ChatGPT, providing personalized career advice and recommendations. These suggestions are based on the user's prior inputs and the fetched job opportunities. Clevis allows for developing similar kinds of applications within this domain, each tailored to specific user needs.

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