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Use Case

Virtual fitness and workout trainers

Generative AI, like Language Models (LLMs) and image generators can be utilized to develop robust virtual fitness and workout trainers. An AI model like ChatGPT could drive personalised workout routines and advice. It can guide users with right postures and exercises by interpreting their queries and providing on-the-spot corrections and suggestions. It can adapt the training program as per user's skill level and body responses, making the fitness regime more dynamic and effective.

Image generators can be used in form correctness. They can generate virtual demonstrations of correct workout postures to assist users in fitness training. It can mimic human movements to provide a real-life example of an exercise, helping users better understand the movement dynamics for a workout. These AI-powered trainers can enable a more interactive and enriching training environment for users.

How to build with Clevis

Text Input

Ask the user for their fitness goals and preferences

HTTP Request

Fetch a list of available workout trainers from an external API

Display Output

Display the list of available workout trainers to the user

Text Input

Ask the user to select a workout trainer from the list

Prompt ChatGPT

Prompt the selected workout trainer with user's fitness goals and preferences to provide a customized workout plan

This is an epochal example of an application that can be built with Clevis - a tool that assists in developing AI apps, called a Virtual Fitness Trainer. The application can be built within the same realm using Clevis as well.

The mechanism of the application commences with a text input step where the user is asked about their fitness goals and preferences. Followed by this, the tool makes an HTTP request from step two, where an external API fetches a list of available workout trainers in real-time.

In step three, the Display Output module is prompted, which presents the list of accessible workout trainers to the user with utmost clarity and precision. After this, another Text Input phase arises, which essentially serves to ask the user in selecting a preferred workout trainer from the furnished list.

Lastly, the app utilizes ChatGPT, a language model by OpenAI, during the final step. This prompts the selected workout trainer with the user's fitness goals and preferences, therein generating a bespoke, customized workout plan to ensure the user's fitness goals can be achieved efficiently and effectively.

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