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Weather Wardrobe

I built a weather recommendation app that helps you decide what clothes to wear based on the current weather conditions at your location. It's simple but works surprisingly well. I keep it on my home screen and check it before I head out for the day.

Try it out here

Tech Stack

  • Clevis: I used Clevis, an app builder that made the development process smoother. It's not something you hear about every day, but it saved me a lot of time. Disclaimer: I am also the creator of Clevis 👀

  • Geolocation: I integrated geolocation to determine the user's current location. I opted for simplicity and used the browser's built-in geolocation feature.

  • Weather API: To get accurate weather data, I connected the app to the Open-Meteo weather API. This API is completely open and can be used without an API key.

  • ChatGPT: The fun part! I used ChatGPT to generate clothing recommendations based on the weather for the users coordinates. My prompt is fairly straight forward and uses data from the Open-Meteo API:

    Based on this windspeed: {{ steps.api.current_weather.windspeed }} and this temperature {{ steps.api.current_weather.windspeed }}, provide me a suggestion on what to wear today.


Here is how this app is configured in Clevis:

You can easily cobble together something similar using the app editor. This app took me around an hour to build, most of the time went to figuring out how the weather API worked.